Wedge Sandal Dolce Piper Mojo Moxy Women's by Navy AAU6R

Wedge Sandal Dolce Piper Mojo Moxy Women's by Navy AAU6R

Cambiando Vidas in Chacala Nayarit – Our Vision

Playa Chacala Mexico is small enough for Cambiando Vidas to do enough! While many worthy projects succeed in doing a little for many, Cambiando Vidas is committed to “doing-enough” for every community student that is committed to doing all they can.  This means jumping in with general support right at the start (Pre-school & kinder), maintaining overall support through Primary school (1st.... [Read the Whole Story.....]

Learning For Life!!!

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  In Chacala Mexico … students are continually lined up on our waiting list, some for more than a year.  They pledge their willingness to participate faithfully with the CV Community Service Program, to work & study hard, attend all learning and project events, to share their strengths and seek assistance when they need help. Those who fail to devote themselves are carefully investigated... [Read more.....]

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