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Please Note

Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc DOES NOT recruit staff publicly. Please ignore any emails regarding employment opportunities.

There are reports of persons in Zimbabwe illicitly posing as employees of the group acting in a procurement capacity, in particular fraudsters pretending to act on behalf of Blanket Mine and contacting mining suppliers to obtain equipment by deception.  Anyone who is approached by a person purporting to act for Blanket Mine or Caledonia with a view to supplying goods or services should always check that the purported company representatives are genuine employees and if you have any doubts please contact us.  Neither Caledonia nor Blanket Mine can be held responsible for any failure by third parties to check the authenticity of order enquiries or persons holding themselves out as acting on our behalf and accordingly any loss they may suffer as a result.

Call Us: +44 1534 679800 Jersey |  +27 (11) 447 2499 South Africa
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Caledonia Mining Corporation

Caledonia is a Mining, Exploration and Development company focused on Southern Africa.

Caledonia's primary asset is a 49% interest in the Blanket Mine ("Blanket") in Zimbabwe.

"Caledonia’s shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (CAL) and on the NYSE American (CMCL) and depositary interests in the shares are traded on London’s AIM (CMCL)"

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PLEASE NOTE:  Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc
DOES NOT recruit staff publicly. Please 
Pump London Luna YUKE663FLY Dress Cool Women's Fly ignore any emails regarding employment opportunities.